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Top Rated HVAC Contractor in Rowlett

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service company in Rowlett. Keeping homes and businesses equipped with the best cooling and warming air technology available.

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Professional Air Conditioning Repair Services

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AC Repair & Maintenance Company You Can Trust

The HVAC team at A/C and Heating Installation, an AC repair company, is a local Rowlett HVAC company that has grown from the desire to serve our community. We are committed to providing the best heating and cooling services to families, homeowners, and companies in the Rowlett area, striving every day for excellence with each customer interaction- no matter how big or small!

We are the best local option for air conditioning services as an AC repair company. We work with every major brand and we are an official Bryant partner. Our prices will beat any other competitors’ offer and our installation team will deliver exceptional service with customer satisfaction guaranteed at A/C & Heating Installation Team.

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Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Services

24/7 Emergency AC Repair Services Available

Do you need emergency ac repair? Our clients depend on us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for any emergencies that may arise. The A/C & Heating Installation Team and their technicians are all backed up by the strongest insurance policies, a strong inner sense of our core values, and quick troubleshooting skills that rival the competition. 

So if your air conditioning system breaks unexpectedly, no need to worry our emergency AC repair Rowlett services got you covered. Our technicians are standing by ready for your call so we can get back up and running as quickly as possible with a solution tailored just right for your home or office needs – no matter what time of year it occurs call our emergency ac repair technicians today.

Our HVAC Services

You can trust the pros at A/C and Heating Installation Team to keep your system running smoothly through our AC maintenance services in Rowlett. Our technicians provide comprehensive care for all aspects related to an HVAC installation or repair job – from consultation to proper operation instruction, so each client gets personalized service tailored just right for them!

Best Air Conditioning Repair Company

Top Rated HVAC Contractor - 25 Years Of Experience

You and your family deserve to enjoy cool air year-round, but it isn’t always possible if you live in a place with unpredictable weather. That’s why we offer AC maintenance plans designed specifically for Rowlett residents that will keep their system running smoothly without costing too much or requiring frequent visits from our technicians.


You can count on us for a large range of residential and commercial AC services including Air Conditioning Repair, AC Unit Installation, AC Coil Cleaning Service, AC Cleaning, Commercial HVAC Repair, and Installation. We are well known as Rowlett’s best local HVAC Service experts.


AC Unit Installation & Replacement in Rowlett, Texas

Let us help you decide which air conditioning unit is right for your home. We’ll make sure that we deliver on all our promises during the process and provide a quality product at an affordable price!

We know that each person has different needs when it comes time for an air conditioning repair or installation. That’s why our team provides you with a free evaluation, so there are no surprises during the process-and fully functional AC units in your home or business long after!


If you are looking for a new AC unit, then look no further than A/C & Heating Installation Team as we have the best prices on new AC unit installations in the Rowlett area. We also provide free quotes so you can make the best decision for your home or office. 

We Service, Repair, and Install All Brands

Keep Your Family Comfortable With Cool Air

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AC Repair Services

The A/C & Heating Installation Team is here to help you with all your air conditioning needs. When it comes time for an upgrade or repair, don’t hesitate! We have professionals who are trained and ready at any moment’s notice should something happen in the Rowlett area, where they specialize in making sure nothing gets by them when providing high-quality service from start to finish.

-Air Conditioning Repair

-AC Unit Installation

-AC Coil Cleaning Service

Heating Repair Services

Heating Services by A/C & Heating Installation Team are the only way to make sure that your pool, hot tub, and home stay warm this winter. When you call us for heating services in the Rowlett area, we’ll be there with everything from heaters at an affordable price or custom-built units depending on what best suits your needs! 

-Furnance Heating Services

-Boiler Heating Services

Annual Maintenance Services

Annual maintenance services are an important aspect of keeping your HVAC system in good condition, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency and minimizing the need for costly repairs down the line. At A/C & Heating Installation Team, the HVAC company that serves you, we provide a range of annual maintenance services for homeowners in the United States, helping to ensure their heating and cooling systems are ready to perform year-round.

-Furnance Heating Services

-Boiler Heating Services

Top Rated Team of HVAC Professionals

We know that industrial and building indoor air quality is highly dependent on the proper functioning of HVAC systems, and AC maintenance is essential for keeping your system running smoothly. We offer comprehensive as-needed repairs or customized plans tailored just to you, which provide great value along with consistent cooling performance – no matter what season it may be outside today! A preventive approach to AC maintenance will help ensure the maximum efficiency of this important component in any home, and improve indoor air quality. Our streamlined service includes all cleaning & calibration services, so when summer rolls around again your home or building will be ready to go!

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What Our Customers Say

Bashar Alshareef
Bashar Alshareef
I’m thankful for this company’s air conditioning repair team that was able to fix our ac today. Our AC unit was malfunctioning, so I called them and they were able to come immediately. He came to our doorsteps on time and carefully performed the task while explaining everything that was being done. He also kindly agreed when I requested him to perform maintenance on it. The overall price wasn’t much compared to other ac companies we have hired in the past. Will definitely used again if needed!
marcos aranda
marcos aranda
A/C & Heating Installation Team Rowlett is the best! They were upfront, worked with lenders to get an air conditioning unit, and installed it in a very timely manner. The installers were efficient and had everything set up so quickly. It's been running essentially non-stop for several months now and we are cool and so very grateful. I highly recommend these folks for your ac repair needs!
Herman Kreiger
Herman Kreiger
Very professional team to work with. They quoted me a reasonable price and they showed up on time. They performed a thorough job installing a new HVAC system for our home, and cleaned up nicely afterward as if they were never here! Highly recommend them for your ac repair needs!
Janie Hammes
Janie Hammes
I have used A/C & Heating Installation Team to repair our older HVAC systems at our Rowlett properties and also installed a new AC system. The team was very professional and honest which is hard to come by these days, and they were professional throughout the entire process. They can also provide regular maintenance on your existing systems which were awesome. Ask for Armando, he will take care of you.
Royce Harris
Royce Harris
Professional service!!! Our AC system stopped working during a very hot day, so I got in touch with Armando and he was very friendly and knowledgeable about what needed to be repaired. He was able to get the parts he needed quickly to fix our AC system and before we knew it, our AC was working perfectly. We cannot thank him enough for his work.
Immanuel Johnston
Immanuel Johnston
After contacting a few other AC companies to tell me the issue with my system they could not figure out the problem and just kept trying to sell me parts I didn't need. I called AC & Heating Installation Team in Rowlett and Armando and his crew came out promptly to check out the problem and was able to get the problem fixed quickly!! They will be my go-to AC company moving forward.
Douglas Starnes
Douglas Starnes
Have been using Armando for 10+ years. He and his employees have always been very professional, ethical, personable and honest while providing excellent and thorough work at a very reasonable price. He installed a new unit and furnace in 2016. It runs great with no equipment or Freon issues. I Highly recommend him for any AC and heating repair or replacement as well as semi-annual or annual maintenance checkups. You will be very pleased with the results.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
Our blower motor burned out one night. I called Armando the next morning to see if he could help. He was at our house that afternoon, got the new part and fixed everything the same day. Saved us from an 88 degree night with no AC. A+ service!
William Scoggins
William Scoggins
Armondo and his team are honest, reliable, and punctual. His company is the only one I would trust to do anything to my HVAC system. If you're looking for a great HVAC company I would highly recommend you call him.
Ira Cawis
Ira Cawis
Highly recommended! Armando’s team replaced my 1st floor HVAC system last year and since they did a good job, i had his team back for the second floor system this time. They went above and beyond expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

AC repair costs can be anywhere from $166 and $597 for most homeowners, depending on your issue. Prices vary greatly in; project complexity or company you go with. 

Air conditioner problems can include refrigerant leaks, which either means that the air conditioning unit was undercharged at installation or it leaks. Inadequate maintenance is also a common issue with these units as well and could result in sensor problems like sensing heat when it’s not supposed to be. Drainage issues are another problem because if water gets into an electric control module this often results in a power failure of some sort due to the system shutting down altogether until repairs have been made by professional technicians.

If your air conditioner is runningbut not lowering temperatures inside, one issue could be a blocked or clogged condenser coil. When operating correctly, the condenser fan draws air into the outdoor unit through the condenser coil to pull heat energy out of your home. Reference: Carrier

If you are having problems with your AC system, don’t try to fix it yourself. You could end up making the problem worse and injuring yourself in the process. AC repairs can get pretty complex, so it’s best if a licensed professional takes care of it for you who knows what they’re doing!

If your air conditioner is not working, it’s probably because of one or more common reasons. Here are some problems that can lead to the malfunction: a dirty filter; blocked pipes or vents in and around your unit; bent fins on an outdoor unit – leading to improper circulation of cooled refrigerant inside the condenser coil, which causes insufficient cooling capacity for high ambient temperatures as well as low system efficiency with greater energy consumption rates- all these symptoms point towards either a clogged evaporator coil caused by dirt build up over time or damage from freezing weather conditions.