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Can an AC Compressor Be Repaired

Can an AC Compressor Be Repaired?

Can an AC Compressor Be Repaired?

As the temperature continues to rise in Rowlett, Texas during summertime, an air conditioner is a piece of equipment that every home and business owner must-have. It not only keeps everyone inside their homes cool but also safe from harm caused by heatstroke or other illnesses related to extreme temperatures.

Doesn’t it seem like when you most need the air conditioning to work, it doesn’t? Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with an AC unit on the fritz during a hot day. There are various reasons as to why people find themselves in need of AC repair and these problems generally stem from one of three parts: evaporator, compressor or condenser.

Doesn’t it seem like when you need the A/C working desperately, nothing works? There isn’t anything more frustrating than dealing with an unreliable A/C system.


In your home, an air conditioner compressor is typically found in the central air conditioning system and located outside. When it’s running, it helps to circulate refrigerant needed for heat exchange through coils of indoor and outdoor units. Additionally, energy keeps this process moving forward so that airflow can occur inside a room or building.

A broken AC compressor means you can’t use your air conditioning, and there’s no way around it.

Reasons For AC Compressor Failure

Poor maintenance is a common problem that can cause the running of an air conditioner without proper charge. Over or undercharging freon in lines has detrimental effects on the system, which causes uneven and incorrect temperatures to blow out vents at longer run times using more electricity increasing power bills making it less desirable for people’s households. Make sure to get regular ac maintenance services.

Improper installation or repair: If you’ve ever tried to tinker with the AC on your own, it may have caused damage which led to a full failure of the compressor. However, if only this part fails and not everything else in the system is damaged then there’s hope that we can replace just that component.

The AC compressor may be overheating due to a variety of issues. It could, for example, be caused by pressurization problems or other damage that has occurred recently. This is a complex repair issue and the best solution will vary depending on which problem it actually turns out to be but an experienced ac technician can help with this type of situation

AC compressor is overheating: The AC compressor might seem like it’s overheating when there are really multiple possibilities causing the decrease in cooling capacity as well as related heating issues so make sure you have an experienced ac person available if you need one because they’ll likely know what exactly needs fixing.


Not every AC compressor problem can be solved with at-home fixes. However, here are some tips to help you avoid AC repair costs in the future!

  • Clean your air conditioner’s filter. This can improve efficiency and reduce energy costs by up to 11%. 
  • If possible, raise or lower where you place it so that it has as much access to cool outdoor air–ACs run more efficiently when they’re hot than warm, just like a car engine. However, if this isn’t an option for you consider installing window insulation film on south-facing windows during the summer months. These films will keep out sunshine (increasing indoor comfort) while also blocking heat from radiating into your home through these windows at night which means less work required of the AC unit come morning time!
  • Check for small problems before they become big AC compressor issues. If your weatherstrip has tears, replace it now. You’ll prevent leaks that cause mold growth as well as expensive repairs down the line.
  • Clean or change filters once per month during peak cooling season (spring through fall). The most important part about using different types of HVAC filters is changing them out regularly because dirty coils can decrease airflow which will lead to reduced efficiency from increased energy costs.

When the summer months roll around, we all hope to beat the heat with our air conditioners. But unfortunately, ACs are not always reliable and sometimes need repair for a broken compressor or other problems which can be easily fixed by an AC professional who knows what they’re doing!

AC Compressor Repair In Rowlett, TX

A/C & Heating Installation Team Rowlett is an air conditioning company in Rowlett, TX. They specialize in repairing AC systems and are equipped to quickly find the problem with your compressor so that it can be fixed effectively without wasting time or money on unnecessary parts replacement etcetera.

A/C & Heating Installation Team Rowlett specializes in fixing broken Air Conditioning (AC) units throughout Rowlett, Texas- a business that has been established since 1998! Their team of technicians boasts over 20 years combined experience and they’re all well-trained professionals who know their stuff when it comes to finding out exactly what’s wrong with your unit as soon as possible so that you don’t have to waste any more money than needed. Call us today or fill out our contact form!

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