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Duct Repair and Maintenance

Keeping Your Home Cool Year Round

Ductwork Installation Services

A/C & Heating Installation Team provides a quality duct for the residential properties of Dallas. We are a more than 25 years old company operating in Dallas dealing with the heating and cooling system of residential buildings and houses. We can replace, repair, clean the ductwork in your home at affordable prices. We have HVAC system specialists who specialize in ductwork. No matter the kind of service you need with your ducts, we are here to help. 


When the outside temperatures are freezing cold or hot and you need a comfortable temperature in your house, proper working ducts are essential. We at A/C & Heating Installation Team have experience with all kinds of ducts. Whether it is central air conditioning or a single line duct, we service it all.


We will make sure your ducts are not leaking, clean, and are working at the best quality. When you need effective heating and cooling to keep your Dallas home comfortable, you will need ducts at their best quality. 

A/C & Heating Installation Team realizes that not only are great pricing and quality important, but in order to be the best, you have to provide top-notch, talented technicians to deliver on your needs. Thus, committed to remaining competitive in the industry, A/C & Heating Installation Team hires only the best and most capable technicians in Dallas, TX, to ensure the best results for you.

Ductwork Services Provided

A/C & Heating Installation Team with more than 25 years of experience specializes in a wide range of Residential HVAC Services:

Save money with proper ductwork

When you get your duct serviced and taken care of, you are increasing the longevity of your ducts, you are increasing the indoor air quality, and saving money on electricity. We will help you suggest ways to prevent duct damage and also inspect your ducts if have never been looked at. If you notice unusually high electricity used by your HVAC system you may want to take a look at it. Call A/C & Heating Installation Team for proper inspection. 

Duct Cleaning

When you clean your ducts, you are increasing the airflow and saving money on electricity. Your air will have fewer pollutants and allergic irritants. You will have fewer allergic issues and healthy life. The air will flow easily. The oxygen levels will be good making you feel more healthy and energetic in general. To increase indoor air quality duct cleaning is highly suggested. At A/C & Heating Installation Team, we have proper instruments and cleaning deceive to reach the deep crevices of your duct and clean it. 

Patching duct leaks

When your ducts are leaking you are looking for valuable air. Leaking ducts can cause you to have high electricity bills and poor ventilation as well as cooling or heating. Our inspection team can check your ducts to see if it has any leaks. In case you find out leaks in your leaks, we can patch if it is small or we can replace it with a new duct. With proper duct installed you will have highly efficient ductwork. 

New Duct Installation

We at A/C & Heating Installation Team install ducts for new houses or replace the old ducts with new ones. When you need proper duct installation that will save you money in electricity and provide proper heating and cooling, you can trust A/C & Heating Installation Team. We use the best quality ducts that come with a warranty. You can trust us to give you professionals duct installation services at affordable prices. 

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Our ductwork technicians have extensive industry experience and are capable of handling almost any ductwork or HVAC job, no matter the complexity or size. And with our scheduled preventative maintenance and repair services, you can be assured that your unit will be kept in prime

Residential Services