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Heating & Furnace

Heating & Furnace Repair in Rowlett, Texas

Full Line of Home & Commercial Heating Services to Keep You Warm & Cozy

The A/C and Heating Installation Team is the best Rowlett heating company you can find! We have been serving our customers for over 30 years, with a score of satisfied clients. If your heater isn’t working properly or if there are any other problems concerning home comfort that need fixing right away contact us today at (962) 877-1990.

We take pride in making sure that your pool and heating system are up-to code. This means we have the expertise to diagnose any problems you might be experiencing, recommend renovations or repairs when necessary (and proper licensing), work quickly without sacrificing quality standards–and most importantly: keep those pipes from freezing during winter months!

Full Line of Home & Commercial Heating Services to Keep You Warm & Cozy

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting caught in the cold with no heat. If you’re experiencing this problem, don’t hesitate to call A/C and Heating Installation Team! For over 30 years they have been serving the Rowlett area with their high-quality heating repair services that will have your home or business up & running again quickly.


We offer a full line of heating services to residential and commercial clients across Rowlett, including:

Heating Repair & Service

To ensure you have reliable heating, trust the experts at A/C & Heating Installation Team. We provide repairs for all types of systems including boilers and furnaces to name a few! With over 30 years in business, we know what it takes when customer service is concerned as well as offering fast turnaround times on most projects so don’t hesitate to call us today about an emergency or routine maintenance needs

Furnace Repair & Service

The HVAC installation team at A/C & Heating Installation Team provides comprehensive services for heating and cooling systems. They provide maintenance, replacement, or repair as needed to keep your home comfortable in the summer heat of Rowlett- but don’t forget about those winters! Their expert technicians will help you prepare before those cold months so that this year’s furnace season goes smoothly with no problems on either end.

Heating Installation Services

We offer furnace and heating installation services to ensure you have warm homes during even the coldest winter months. We work with any brand of heaters, so our customers can find what’s best for them at affordable prices!

Heater Maintenance

Heating and air conditioning systems are designed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, but they cannot do so without proper care. Routine preventative maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs or extended service requests by identifying areas that may warrant attention before it’s too late! We offer affordable heater plans for every budget – find out how much time he needed on his last visit with our team today!

Common Heater Problems We Fix

  • Heater Won’t Turn On
  • Heater Turns on But Doesn’t Blow Air
  • Furnace Not Warming Air
  • Furnace Making Noise 
  • Pilot Light is Flickering Bright Yellow
  • Electric Ignition Module Not Working
  • Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit or Went Out
  • The furnace is Not Heating Rooms Evenly (Some are hot and others are cold)

Schedule Heating Repair or Get Your Furnace Serviced

We have the perfect solution for you if your schedule is too tight to pay cash. Our team understands that this might be an inconvenient time, but we’re here with financing options and fair prices! With all of these benefits combined together – no matter what type or length-of term loan it requires; quick repairs when needed most by our customers in order to help them maintain their heat during winter months without breaking the bank.

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