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A/C Installation & Replacement

Dallas Residential A/C Installation & Replacement

Keeping Your Dallas Home Cool Year Round

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

We are a locally operated A/C installer with more than 20 years of work experience. Summers in Dallas can be quite brutal if you do not have a working AC in your house. A/C keeps the temperature of your indoors at comfortable levels. A good quality A/C will not use a lot of electricity while keeping the house well ventilated, and cool. As a company that has installed thousands of A/C over the last couple of years, we understand what people need. 

We are experts when it comes to A/C installation and we know how to do it right. We are trained in the installation of split Air conditioners, window units, ductless air conditioners, and central cooling units as well. Just let us know the type of air conditioner you have and we will send the right type of installers to your place. 

Quality A/C Repair & Installation in Dallas, Tx

There is no single air conditioning solution that works for every home or person. The size of your home, your budget, and your usage needs are factors that narrow down your air conditioning options. When a member of our team arrives at your home, they’ll make sure to recommend the right units for you based on your needs, preferences, and budget. Modern air conditioners are much more energy-efficient than their older counterparts, so installing a new unit could be a smart choice for your energy bill!

AC Installation services we offer include:

Once you’ve decided on a unit, we’re ready to help you install it. If your home needs new ductwork to accommodate your new air conditioner, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning will make sure it’s right! We’ll install your unit, ensure that your ductwork is able to effectively deliver cooled air, and then test the entire system to make sure every detail of the process is right. Then, we can return to your home for regular maintenance to keep your system running like new for years.

Common A/C brands we install and replace include Mitsubishi, Heil, Goodman, Daikin, Maytag, etc. When you need quality air conditioner installation that will keep your air conditioner working great for a long time and increase the longevity of it, give us a call. Our employees are trained and certified Air conditioning professionals. Our employees are always kept upgraded on the air conditioning technology.

Licensed & Insured

We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded HVAC contractor in Dallas, Tx.

Professional Workers

We only higher expertly trained HVAC technicians.

Quality Work

We gaurentee quality HVAC services across the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

New & Replacement AC Installation Services

Whether you are replacing your worn-out AC system, doing a home remodel and AC equipment upgrade, or installing a brand new air conditioning system in your new home build, our HVAC installation experts can help. Our experienced AC installers have been carefully trained to follow the proper installation protocols to ensure that your job is done right. This means that whether we dispatch a single installation technician to replace your current air conditioner or send an entire installation crew to handle your new-construction HVAC system install, you can depend on us to give your job the care, attention and skilled workmanship it deserves.

New-Construction AC Installation

Our new-construction project managers have received extensive professional training that has thoroughly equipped them to oversee every step of your AC installation — from determining load calculations to system placement and everything in between — for the highest-quality outcome possible. With more than 15,000 successful HVAC installations to their credit in our service area, our project managers and installers have amply demonstrated their ability to get our customers’ systems in and running correctly and on schedule.


From the moment your project manager takes over your installation, you can be sure that the focus will be on helping you choose and get the system in place that will most closely match your needs and budget. We handle selection, sizing, design, layout and final installation of your system. The goal is to ensure that the system you choose will be the perfect one for your home.

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HVACs are an integral part of home comfort. They are also among the most costly pieces of equipment as far as your energy bill is concerned. With more than 25 years of expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can help you keep your HVAC system running like new and even help you choose and install more energy-efficient equipment that would result in a noticeable lowering of your energy bill.


Our HVAC technicians have extensive industry experience and are capable of handling almost any HVAC job, no matter the complexity or size. And with our scheduled preventative maintenance and repair services, you can be assured that your unit will be kept in prime

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