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Residential A/C Installation & Replacement in Rowlett, TX

Keeping Your Home Cool Year-Round

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Rowlett, Texas

Are you in need of a trusted top-rated ac installation team? We are a locally operated Rowlett A/C installation company with more than 20 years of work experience. If you live in Rowlett, Texas, and are looking for Air Conditioner Repair Services, then look no further than A/C & Heating Installation Team!  Our team of trained heating and air conditioning technicians is here to ensure that your air conditioning installation in Rowlett is of the highest quality.

Quality A/C Installation Contractors in Rowlett, Tx

At A/C & Heating, we know that different homeowners have different cooling system preferences. We are proud to partner with Bryant – the leading name in the HVAC industry. Bryant offers excellence in its product lines, exceptional warranty contracts, and dependable durability in every new air conditioner.

Trust us when we say, regardless of how you may choose to cool your home. You can count on our heating and cooling Rowlett technicians for an installation that is done right- give them a call today!

Licensed & Insured

We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded HVAC contractor in Rowlett, Tx.

Professional Workers

We only higher expertly trained HVAC technicians.

Quality Work

We gaurentee quality HVAC services across the Rowlett area.

Benefits of Professional AC Installation in Rowlett, TX

When your AC unit begins to fail, you may feel a sense of panic. Do I try and replace the entire system myself? Or should I get in touch with an expert who knows what they’re doing? Installing any new air conditioning installation yourself can be dangerous as mistakes could potentially result in major problems for both homeowners – especially those without experience working on these types or systems-as well as poses significant risks if done incorrectly including injury from electricity shock!

Rowlett AC Company is a professional and detail-oriented company. Our heating, cooling, and indoor air quality professionals give each job the attention to detail that our customers deserve with their services in Rowlett Texas you can expect these benefits:

  • Better equipment performance
  • Greater comfort
  • Enhanced safety
  • Fewer repairs
  • Warranty coverage
  • Annual maintenance
  • and much more!

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Installation in Your Home

When things heat up in Rowlett, you need an air conditioner that can keep your living space comfortable. A home with central heating will typically require one large enough to cool both floors and windows of the house as well as provide mobile cooling for times when it’s too hot outside (like during Texas summer months). HVAC companies may recommend using a ductless system if there’s more than one person who wants access control over their individual zones; they also help reduce energy costs by not relying solely on outdoors’ breeze like traditional units would.


The average lifespan of an air conditioner installation is around 10 to 15 years, though they can last up to 25. Air Conditioners are rated for energy efficiency by SEER which measures the amount it costs per season and higher numbers mean cheaper running expenses each year-long period you own your AC unit.


Rowlett’s installed units come in with an average life span ranging from 9 – 12 depending on where we live: The South requires a lot more maintenance than other regions so our homes tend to be bigger and contain greater demands on cooling systems.

Why A/C & Heating Services for AC Replacement & Installation in Rowlett?

A/C and Heating Installation Team is the most trusted company in Rowlett for residential HVAC installation, repair services. We offer quality customer service to every interaction with our knowledgeable staff who work hard every day bringing integrity and good values to a family-owned business dedicated locally to serving your air conditioner needs or any type of heating problem on commercial properties such as yours!


We are proud to have been providing excellent service in Rowlett for 30 years. We offer free estimates, consulting, and second opinions with our expertise on how best air condition your home or business needs!

Contact Our Team Of A/C Installation Technicians in Rowlett Today!

Our Rowlett AC Installation technicians have extensive industry experience and are capable of handling almost any A/C repair job, no matter the complexity or size. When it comes time for you to properly cool your home, call A/C & Heating. Our experts will arrive on time and install or replace any HVAC system that is needed in order to make sure our customers’ comfort levels are met!

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