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Central Air Conditioning Services

Central AC Systems in Rowlett, Tx

Central Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Central air conditioning in Rowlett is the gold standard for cooling systems around this world. If a quality contractor can’t provide comprehensive service, how good are they really? Thankfully you have plenty to choose from in Rowlett, Texas when it comes time for either installation or repair (or maintenance) on your home’s HVAC system. You can depend on A/C & Heating Team for central air conditioning services. Trust our team of professionals with over 25 years’ experience! We are family-owned and operated, which means you’re working with members in your own community that respect what they do. Call anytime day or night to get the job done right; we promise excellent customer service – no matter how big or small your needs may be.

Central AC Installation

When you’re looking to install a new central air conditioner, the last thing on your mind is how much it will cost. Thankfully our team provides upfront pricing on a/c installation so that we can help discuss options with you and find out what’s best for this summer season. Chances are if you’re looking for affordable AC, a central AC installation is your best bet. 

These systems have been around for years and they provide high-efficiency cooling to homes of all sizes – some homeowners just want this traditional technology that works well without any fancy bells or whistles while others need ductless units because of their home’s footprint doesn’t allow space enough inside the house itself! Central air conditioners are the gold standard in providing comfortable summertime living no matter what kind someone has at hand.

Licensed & Insured

We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded HVAC contractor in Rowlett, Tx.

Professional Workers

We only higher expertly trained HVAC technicians.

Quality Work

We gaurentee quality HVAC services across the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Central AC Replacement in Rowlett

The life expectancy of central air conditioners is about 10-15 years. This isn’t on purpose, it’s just the nature of machinery and technology when dealing with energy usage; no matter how efficient they are during their life span. 


The time has come for a central air conditioning system replacement. Your home, comfort, and budget will be happier with the decision to go with an efficient cooling power that just works better in every category; plus it’s becoming increasingly affordable these days which means you’ll get lower costs when signing up with us!

Central AC Repair in Rowlett, Tx

No one should have to suffer the discomfort of an air conditioning system that makes noises at night or smells strange. Often, these problems are easy residential ac repairs for professionals who know how to take care of your needs as soon as they arise so you can get back on track quickly with minimal fuss.

Be sure not to wait until there is significant damage done before calling us-the sooner we come out after hearing about any issues within our services range means better chances of preventing future damages from occurring.

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Your home’s central air conditioning system is a major investment, so it makes sense that you want to take care of this machine as soon as possible. Without regular maintenance your efficiency will decrease by up to 5% every year- which means after just 3 or 4 years without an annual checkup on the unit’s conditioner, not only could energy bills go through the roof but also performance may start suffering dramatically. To avoid any potential disasters from happening early, contact us today!

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